Hi ya'll, my name is Falyn. Loading
Ever since I was little, I mean littler then what I am... I always loved to color in my coloring books! Of course when I got really older, somewhere around seven or so, I found out I sure liked playing on computer games a bunch too!
My Paw-Paw (Grandpa) and I put this site together so all the other kids in the world would have as many free coloring books and coloring pages as they want.

At the same time I told him that we need to make sure there are plenty of fun free games for the really older kids, you know the more mature kids like me.

Something I didn't like at other free coloring sites was the pop-up windows and constantly reloading of the web pages, it doesn't need to be so complicated on us kids! Sometimes I had to click on the small picture so I could see the medium picture, then I'd have to click on the medium for it to open up the big picture in a pop up window where I could finally print it, hey... what's that all about anyways? I asked Paw-Paw to make sure our free coloring pages are simple, you know -  see it, like it, then click the print button to print it! Simple and to the point is what I said, and that's what he did.
Paw-Paw and I also included some other stuff that parents and teachers can print to keep the kids out of their hair for awhile like the dot to dot games and other activities. Not little kids like me cuz I'm older, I'm talking about the other littler kids. I love snacks and just about any food (but not corn) so I told Paw-Paw that we need some food stuff here too so we have delicious snack recipes for you.
That's all of the serious stuff... here are some funny pictures of me that Paw-Paw and I picked out for my site. My Tee-Tah (Grandma) said I might not think they're so funny when I'm 16 and my boyfriend sees them, but I think I'll probably be OK with it.  
Falyn giving Paw-Paw a big hug!  

I love my Paw-Paw. Sometimes I hug him so hard he passes out then falls over on the floor but he doesn't get mad at me after he wakes back up.

  Tee-Tah kissing Falyn... Again!  

My Tee-Tah loves me. She's always kissing on me and she says I'm her little darlin'. Sometimes when we're watching TV she'll just kiss me!

Just kiss my hand and move along with the rest.  

They call me Princess and I normally wouldn't believe it except when I'm in my gaudy Princess gown while everybody caters to my every need.

  Beans... nope, nothing in here but dry snow!  

There was that one day when I wasn't a Princess or even a Duchess. I just wanted to know if there really were beans in there.

Nooooo, I didn't do it.  

After something like the bean bag incident, I've learned to put on my cute face. When I do this I can usually get away with just about anything.

  Can't you see I'm thinking in here!  

I keep hearing the adults talking about thinking outside the box. I don't get it though. I think better "in" the box, especially if I have my pacifier.

Yea... somebody is stylin', must be me.  

Me in my first new car. Yea, I know, I'm in the house and have the seat belt on, but you just never know what could happen when rounding the TV.

  Man, I could eat chocolate all day long.  

Wow, I just love chocolate, candy and really any snack that's sweet. This is me after a couple pounds of milk chocolate - I'm full, whew.

Let me try this one on them today...  

This is my belly full of chocolate, and my special "just got busted" in the pantry look. Did I mention that this look is key to getting out of trouble?

  I hope you had fun at my site today!  

I was on the front porch swing. Belly full of snacks, Paw Paw pushing me on the swing. Life isn't so bad, you know, when you're the Princess!

  for visiting my site,

 P.S. The dollars and any pennies earned from my site will one day pay for my college education.

 So... be sure to go right now and buy my coloring book today!

 Bye - bye for now... please visit my website again soon.





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